Have you experienced a Mobile Marketing FAIL? Become a contributor!

Submit a short description (approx 400 words or less) of the experience and become a contributor! Be sure to capture pictures of any printed material and the result displayed on your mobile device. We’ll contact you to receive the pictures.

4 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. marc settle

    Hi – I work at the BBC where I teach a course all about the growing importance of mobile devices, so I’ll be looking at your blog a lot in future! I have a photo I could send you of a UK newspaper which ran a QR code…which linked to the full version of their website. If you’re interested, I could send that to you

  2. Jim Stoklosa

    I recently went to a Great Clips store for a haircut and noticed a poster touting a new mobile app for scheduling a haircut. It had a QR code for Android and one for iPhone. the problem was that the poster was placed a few inches off the floor and directly in the center of the check-out/check-in station. On top of that, the QR codes were placed near the bottom of the poster. This campaign is doomed to fail because you would have to hold your smartphone a few inches off the floor to scan the code.


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