So, what are we learning amidst all this failure? We’ll get our thoughts together and leave them here.

Does Your B2B Business Have a Mobile Strategy?
Question: What do smartphone applications, mobile websites and text messaging have in common?
Answer: They are the mobile activities your customers are engaging in, but not with your company.  Read on…

How To Use QR Codes: A Marketer’s Guide
The use of QR codes is a bit out of control. Companies and the marketers within are smitten by the seeming ease with which they can ‘do mobile’ by printing a 2D bar-code that can be read by a smartphone (with the right software and operated by a motivated user). The reason I say it’s out of control is..  Read on…

Mobile Marketers: Put Down Your Smartphones
Over the course of the last several weeks the graduate students in my Mobile Media class at the University of Washington have been seeking out and participating in dozens of mobile marketing campaigns. The idea is to get out there and experience what marketers and designers are doing to engage people via their mobile devices. And what an eye-opening experience it’s been!    Read on…

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