iLoop Mobile Demo Fail

Having attended one of the many webinars put on by mobile marketing firm, iLoop Mobile, I visited their web site and noticed the following among their rotation of hero banners on their main page: Of course I did what I was told. I texted ILOOPDEALS to the number. Almost instantly I was a confirmed member.

“iLoop Mobile Deals Alerts: you are now a member. 1msg/week. Msg&DataRatesMay Apply. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel. HELP: 877.561.8045.”

No problems there, though it wasn’t all that engaging. Two days later I received two text-message ‘offers’ (Oops! I was only supposed to get 1msg/week). The first offer was for TGIF restaurants and included a link to a mobile site to sign up for TGIF Rewards (Do people really go to TGIF so often?) The other offer was as follows:

I was immediately confused. Whose sweepstakes was this? Dodge? Maybe, but it didn’t really say. The TGIF message started out with “TGIF:” so I knew it who it was from. Confusion aside, I tapped on the url anyway and was taken to a page that took a very long time to load (not usually a good sign).  My patience was not to be rewarded, however. Here is what I got:

Really? A non-mobile web site with a painfully long form to fill out? This picture is just about life-size so you can see how small things are. It’s clearly a web site built for large computer monitors. No way.



What could have saved this campaign?

There is absolutely no excuse for this. iLoop Mobile bills itself out as experts in mobile marketing. Their demo should be flawless.

  1. If they say 1 Msg/week then they should have stopped after the TGIF message. Is their system broken? Are they disorganized?
  2. Few things ruin a mobile web experience more than being sent to site that wasn’t designed to be viewed on a mobile device. This one is doubly painful as it immediately asks you to fill out a huge form and doesn’t tell you anything about the sweepstakes.

6 thoughts on “iLoop Mobile Demo Fail

  1. Virginie Glaenzer

    Thanks Kelly for your feedback.
    Mobile marketing done right protects consumers from being spammed. Therefore, when you subscribe to any mobile channel, you must receive a first message that confirms your opt-in. Not very sexy I agree but it does provide a clear understanding of what you are opting in, right?
    Then, both mobile channels, ILOOPDEALS AND ILOOPMARKET send one message per week, usually on Fridays.
    If you’ve received twice the same message from one of the keywords, I’m not sure why at this point as I can confirm you that only one message was sent out from our end. I’ll definitively do more research on that issue as this should not happen.
    If you go on our website, you’ll learn that ILOOPDEALS share live mobile campaigns to 1) see mobile marketing in action and 2) benefit from offers that would be relevant to you.
    In any case, thanks for trying out and for your suggestions. Mobile Marketing is (still) a new world and we are creating it as we speak.

  2. Kelly McIvor

    Hey Virginie! I am signed up for both channels so one message may have come from each but the message doesn’t include the keyword/channel name so it’s hard to tell. We’ll let you off the hook for that one! ;)

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